Latino and African-American Citizens Have a Higher Risk of Mental Health Issues

Latino and African-American Citizens Have a Higher Risk of Mental Health Issues

A research conducted in the United States, by the UCLA (University of California-Los Angeles Center), found that Hispanic, Latino and African-American citizens are more affected by mental health issues and chronic disease. People who had higher burden over their lifetime, have higher chances of developing severe psychological symptoms.
This was the first of two studies. It looked negative experiences among Latinos and African-Americans from low-income families. This research included 500 people. All of them had to self-report mental health measures and stress. This also included: childhood violence, trauma, poverty and discrimination experiences. The greater burden those people had, the risk of anxiety, depression and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) was higher. However, many of the psychological problems occur as a result of trauma and chronic life stress.
Gail Wyatt, a professor at the UCLA, said that only a small number of those people received the proper treatment. The lowest number is among people who experienced discrimination. People are often discriminated, but they don’t learn how to cope with it. When a person doesn’t learn how to cope, he/she may experience long-lasting or even life-threatening consequences.
The authors discovered factors that are responsible for anxiety, depression and PTSD.
1.    Sexual abuse. In fact, a history of it.
2.    A history of violence from a partner of in the family.
3.    Discrimination due to sexual orientation, gender, racial or ethnic.
4.    Violence in the community.
5.    A chronic fear of being injured or killed.
In most cases, these factors happen during the childhood. They can have a serious effect on the life of an individual.


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