Why should you warm-up before training?

Why should you warm-up before training?

Exercise or training can be walking, jogging, cycling, running, swimming, aerobics, or take the form of any sport. Training can be strengthening or building muscles and losing weight or maintenance and having a good cardiovascular system; any physical activity that helps to maintain or enhance physical fitness and health. Nowadays there are many programs on exercise and training both online and out in the real world to encourage people to maintain their bodies and their health.

Warm-up is done before doing exercise or training and it is key to exercise safely and effectively. Generally, it takes 5 to 10 minutes to warm-up and breathing should be a little quicker than the normal.

Spending time warming up is good for intense workouts and less time to warm up is ideal for low to moderate workouts. Spending few minutes on warm-up will help you perform the best to give desired results. Warm-up has both mental and physical benefits:

  • To prevent injuries, pulled muscles, aches, and pains during and after workouts.
  • It increases the blood circulation while working out and gears the body up for additional work loads.
  • It prepares the body for a quality work out. If a person has warmed up, then he/she can do intense training or exercise more easily.
  • It lubricates joints for easier training.
  • It gradually increases the heart rate instead of causing quick high blood pressure.
  • It increases the supply of oxygen to the muscles, which prevents you from feeling exhausted.
  • It helps to regulate the hormonal changes responsible for energy production.
  •  It improves coordination.
  • It increases the blood temperature and prepares you mentally for extra workouts.
  • It prepares your muscles to stretch.

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