Five mistakes people make when trying to lose weight

Five mistakes people make when trying to lose weight

Engaging in working out and losing weight is not really that complicated. However, having a determined mindset is not all that is required to successfully lose weight. The following are the five most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight.

  1. They take “cheat” days

It sounds like a fair trade to give you a break from suffering from dieting at least one day per week. Studies suggest that this is actually a mistake.  This is mainly because people are usually misjudging their calorie intake. It is not as simple as burning the 3,500 calories per pound of fat that you split into five days of the week.  Burning 700 calories of fat requires a lot of work.  A cheat day will add around to 1,000 calories to your day, which can completely wipe out a one-week effort.

  1. They rely on cardio too much

When you run, your body adapts to the exercise. Basically, as you become pretty good at it, you burn less calories while running. In order to support the excess running, your body will demand more food by making you feel hungrier. Almost without knowing it, you will be adding more calories to your diet preventing you from losing weight.

  1. They don´t drink enough water

Given that 75% of our bodyweight comes from water, it is safe to assume it is present in all metabolic processes.  If a person does not drink enough water, metabolism slows making the body less efficient at burning fats. Besides this, a slow metabolism will make you feel tired with low battery.

  1. They trust food labels

Food intake of a healthy diet should be 90% label free.  Labeled foods will place anything on the food labels in order to sell their product.  But the nutritional information is not always accurate.

  1. They eat less

Eating less has not really anything to do with eating healthy.   Starving yourself will actually make your body produce fat. 


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