Tips On Managing Weight

Tips On Managing Weight

A famous saying goes, our bodies constitute of what we consume. A good diet and an appropriate exercise regime are key for a viable weight management program. We are as different as chalk and cheese from each other in matters genetics. Therefore, people should address weight issues on an individual basis. While some individuals require eating more in order to lose weight, some are content with having regular exercise and eating less but with a higher frequency

Here are 10 simple and realistic tips to guide you through your weight loss program.

  1. Don’t miss breakfast- This is the most important meal of the day. It provides you the energy to kick-start you day. Eating breakfast helps you cut on weight by restraining yourself from binging on the next meal.

  2. Fiber rich diet- Include vegetables in your diet for their high fiber content. They also keep you fuller.

  3. Healthy diet plan- Follow a diet that contains less fats and sugar. Take lean meat too. It’s beneficial in building muscle and converting fat into muscle.

  4. Snacks- Have regular in-between snacks .Planning your snacks save you from indulging high calorie junk. Snacks make great fuel in the mornings especially for people with faster metabolism.

  5. Take good fats- Most people unknowingly eradicate fats from their diet. Unsaturated fats specifically those from fish, nuts and avocado are essential for health.

  6. Avoid beer- Alcohol makes you pile on weight as it has high calories.

  7. Keep a calorie diary- Maintain a record of your food intake too keep track of the calories.

  8. Support: Plenty of support from friends and relatives will help you meet your weight loss targets.

  9. Set achievable goals- Have a maximum endurable weight and review your habits if you approach your threshold.

  10. Exercises-Aim for a minimum half-an-hour of aerobic exercise daily. More exercise. Less weight gain.



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