Why is there an Obesity Epidemic in Young Children and Teens?

Why is there an Obesity Epidemic in Young Children and Teens?

Studies show that one out of three children and teens in the U.S.A. are considered obese. Based on research, this figure is multiplying and continues to increase as years go by. Childhood or teen obesity is a serious case that should be given due attention.  Just like with more mature individuals, obesity can cause health problems, as well, as emotional and social issues in children and teens.

If you happen to have a child or a loved one whom you suspect has this condition, it is best to consult with the doctor as soon as possible.

Just like when dealing with any condition that has to do with health, it is best to have an idea of the possible cause. Listed below are some of the most common causes why there is an obesity epidemic in young children and teens today.

Junk food advertisements

TV commercials, billboards, print ads and all other forms of advertisement are being used to market junk food. This affects the children's food choices, especially these days when there's hardly any advertisement that promotes healthy edibles.

Emergence of gadgets such as smartphone, iPod, Wii etc.

Electronic gadgets make children uninterested in playing outdoors. They no longer take on physical activities, thus, failure to burn the calories they have consumed. Most of their spare time is spent watching television, browsing the internet, or just playing their favourite online game.

Genetic factors

Child obesity can be the result of heredity. The body weight of a child is influenced by his genes. Moreover, kids tend to adopt their parents' way of living. If his Mom or Dad have poor diets and do not engage in exercise, the child is likely to have the same lifestyle and become just as overweight.

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